Embodied Inherited Family Trauma Training Mentorship

January – June 2023

This training is for those who wish to integrate trauma-informed somatic and family constellation processes into their work. These additional modalities empower you to support clients to:

  • Identify and differentiate from unconscious entanglements with systemic patterns
  • Resolve inherited trauma dynamics to experience new freedom & possibilities
  • Down-regulate, attune to innate health, and complete long-held somatic imprints
  • Create healthier boundaries, relationships, and responsibilities
  • Embody greater vitality, resilience, and clarity

Classes are held, via zoom and/or in-person, two Sunday afternoons each month. One class is a demo session in which you observe Bruce & I facilitating family constellations. The second class is discussion and experiential practice, in which we:

  • Unpack and practice the lessons and tools from the online lectures
  • Deepen your attunement through the skills of being, listening, naming
  • Enhance how to co-regulate and resource yourself & your clients
  • Identify and distinguish the dynamics of inherited and early trauma
  • Explore symptoms & language as a guide to unconscious entanglements
  • Work with the body to integrate fragments and grow coherence
  • Facilitate individual constellations using the field or inner images
  • Support systemic and somatic resolutions with healing sentences
  • Enhance healing and integration with at home rituals & practices

Mentorship & Supervision

Included each month, all participants have an individual supervision session with me.


The required curriculum is Mark Wolynn’s Inherited Family Trauma Online Training:

ONE—Trauma Language
Why traumas repeat
How we heal

TWO—Four Unconscious Themes
Unconscious Identification
Break in the bond

THREE—The Art of Listening
How to listen from the body
Tools of the Core Language®

FOUR—Core Descriptors & The Core Sentence
Breaking down the intake and session
Who belongs in the family system
Analysis of a complex case—What do you work with?

FIVE—Spinning the Rolodex
Refining our Core Sentence (Distilling it down and testing it in our body)
Spinning the inner Rolodex (Knowing what questions to ask when)

SIX—From Genogram to Traumagram
Dynamics behind erectile dysfunction
Dynamics behind shame
How Entanglements are created

SEVEN—Healing Inherited Trauma
Effective Resolutions: Creating a new experience
Session strategies
Healing language to break an unconscious merging/identification

EIGHT—Integrating Fragmentations Review
How to structure an online session
Working with Merging/Identification
Working with a Break in the Bond
Designing homework that anchors integration in the body

NINE—Working with Breaks in the Bond
Gathering the clues of the case
The Anatomy of Healing
Steps to working with a break in the bond
How to work with stuckness

TEN—Putting it All Together
Facilitating positive images and experiences
“The Orders of Helping”
Designing homework assignments that sustain integration

ELEVEN – Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters—How to Work with Inundation and Rejection

TWELEVE – Trauma Language and the Traumagam & Early Trauma in the Mother-Child Bond

Recommended Reading

Trauma, Bonding & Family Constellations by Franz Rupert

The Healing Power of the Past by Bertold Ulsamer, Ph.D.

No Waves Without the Ocean by Bert Hellinger

It Didn’t Start With You by Mark Wolynn


Inherited Family Trauma Online training$795 / $895 with 22CEs which can be purchased in 2 installments.

Monthly fee for demo & training classes plus mentoring session: $350


Monthly mentor sessions scheduled individually.

Family Constellation Demo & Training Classes held on Sunday afternoons.


  • Jan 22 and 29
  • Feb 19 and 26
  • Mar 19 and 26
  • Apr 23 and 30
  • May 7 and 21
  • Jun 11 and 25

To register or for more information, please call or email me. Leah at 818-667-3689 / leahkalishma@gmail.com.


Leah Kalish

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