Free Online Introduction to

Inherited Trauma & Family Constellations

with Bruce & Leah Kalish, MA

Saturday May 15, 2021 from 1 – 3 pm PST
Sunday June 13, 2021 from 1 – 3 pm PST

Research in epigentics and neuroscience confirms that just as hair, eyes, and body type are inherited, so are the emotions, losses, and fears from traumatic events experienced by our family.  Left unresolved, the incomplete feelings from past trauma become the negative patterns and problems of the next generation. Financial, emotional, behavioral and relational issues are often rooted in this unconscious entanglement with what was too painful, shameful, or heartbreaking for parents or grandparents to discuss.

Family Constellations look through a systemic lens at the bigger picture of what happened in our families and how family members were impacted.  When past trauma is identified and its impact understood, we gain insight, compassion, and the freedom to do our lives differently.  The cycle of suffering can stop.  Join us and find out how you can differentiate from the wounds of your system and, instead, orient to its love and strength.

To register for the zoom link, email leahkalishma@gmail.com

In our 2-hour introduction, learn about inherited trauma, the science of epigenetics, and the history and principles of Family Constellation work as developed by Bert Hellinger.  Understand the basic laws of systemic health and the common dynamics of inherited trauma.  See through a wider, systemic lens as we illuminate with examples the trans-generational impact of trauma as well as how to resolve it.  Personally experience a Family Constellation exercise.  Get any questions about the work answered.

If you are interested in working individually with us, please see home page for information and pricing about individual or couple constellations and embodiment sessions.

Recommended reading: It Didn’t Start With You, How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to Stop the Cycle by Mark Wolynn.

Embodied Inherited Family Trauma Training Mentorship

with Leah Kalish, MA

Fall 2021

This program is for those who wish to understand, embody, and integrate trauma-informed somatic and family constellation processes into their work.

Bruce and Leah are masterful facilitators, bringing warmth, depth, wisdom and compassion to those whose hearts they touch. Los Angeles is lucky to have them.

Mark Wolynn
Founder/Director, Family Constellation Institute
Author of It Didn’t Start with You

Leah Kalish Bio

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