Individual & Couples Family Constellations

For individual sessions, once you are scheduled, you will be emailed and asked to complete an intake questionnaire. Your answers give us a picture of you, your issue, and your family system, which allows us to prepare for facilitating your constellation.

When we meet, via zoom or in-person, we will first clarify your issue and any relevant history. Then, using your feelings, words, and images, we walk you through a process that will enable you to both identify and disentangle from any inherited trauma dynamics playing out in your life.

You viscerally experience how the flow of love and health has not only been disrupted by trauma but also unconsciously repeated in your issue. You see how tragic events deeply affected family members and how that has been expressed in their behaviors and limitations. You understand that what happened in your family was not about or because of you but what happened to them before you. This new embodied understanding of a bigger picture frees you to shift your issue and repair and restore that flow. You can authentically write a new story and receive more good.

In couples’ sessions, both partners have their own constellation while the other observes. We find that most often, the issues that couples cannot work through have their roots in unconscious systemic entanglements. What is inherited and incomplete from behind partners shows up in negative dynamics between them. When you see what your partner is carrying from their system and they see what you’ve been unconsciously expressing from yours, it frees you both to connect and communicate at a new level of compassion and understanding.


Demo Family Constellations

Throughout our next Embodied Inherited Trauma Training (Jan – Jun 2023), we are including monthly demo classes in which Bruce and I demonstrate facilitating family constellations while students observe via zoom.  For these Sunday demo constellations, we work with clients exactly as we would in private but at a reduced rate ($125).  Students do not participate or interrupt; only watch in order to learn.
Please reach out to me if you are interested at

Schedule a zoom or in-person session

Family Constellations are facilitated by Leah and Bruce Kalish. Embodiment Process sessions are with Leah.

Learn about reduced rate Training Demo Family Constellations

Single Sessions:

Family Constellation* – $250
Embodiment Session – $130                   


Constellation* + 3 Embodiment Sessions – $500
Series of 3 Embodiment Sessions – $330
Series of 5 Embodiment Sessions – $475

Schedule a session
in person or via phone/skype

*Note: Family Constellations are facilitated by me and my husband, Bruce Kalish, unless he is unavailable. We have worked together as a team since we were certified by Mark Wolynn in 2009.

Mark Wolynn teaching about inherited family trauma

Bruce and Leah are masterful facilitators, bringing warmth, depth, wisdom and compassion to those whose hearts they touch. Los Angeles is lucky to have them.

Mark Wolynn
Founder/Director, Family Constellation Institute
Author of It Didn’t Start with You

Leah Kalish

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