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Family Constellation Workshop

Bruce and I enjoy facilitating group workshops and we look forward to when we can resume doing them.

In a group workshop, participants gather in a circle to support and benefit from each individual’s family constellation. Whether we have a community of 7 or 40, these 3 hour to 1-day long workshops are powerful containers for everyone involved.

After a brief introduction, the issues that everyone brings are briefly discussed and refined so that we focus our work on only what is relevant. Then, one participant at a time sits next to us for his/her constellation. We, the facilitators, ask a series of questions about the issue and family history in order to track the impact of trauma in the system. When ready, we invite the client to choose other members of the group to represent members of his/her family or we may assign someone to represent. Representatives stand in the field and bring to life the physical shape and emotional dynamics of the client’s family. We then help the client see hidden truths as well as the bigger picture of the generational impact of trauma. This process results in a new understanding and feelings for the client. Freed from unconsciously expressing the inherited trauma-based thoughts and patterns, s/he can intentionally align with the system’s health and strength and experience new possibilities and options.

The process benefits all participants equally, representatives and observers just as much as those that have a constellation. Sometimes, participants gain so much from watching or standing-in that they feel they have received their own constellation. This happens because every constellation shows how trauma has blocked the flow of love and vitality within a family system and how it can be restored. Though everyone’s circumstances are unique, the laws and dynamics of systemic health are universal. Whether you are chosen to stand in or you watch, you have a healing experience along with the person in the client chair.

Bruce and Leah are masterful facilitators, bringing warmth, depth, wisdom and compassion to those whose hearts they touch. Los Angeles is lucky to have them.

Mark Wolynn
Founder/Director, Family Constellation Institute
Author of It Didn’t Start with You

Leah Kalish

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