Attune to the HealthWhen you look out toward or you are in nature, it shifts you. Close your eyes for a few moments and visualize a beautiful natural setting that you know and love. Notice the ways in which it starts to change your inner experience. Stay with it and observe how attuning to nature in your imagination continues to viscerally affect your whole body.

Without interpreting the impact in any general way, tune into the actual sensations that are happening. Name the sensations you notice…. softening, sinking, widening, tingling, unwinding, heavy, dense, pressure, tight, fluid, breath. Watch how sensations unfold and morph if you don’t constrict around or try to figure them out in any way. If you sense a part of your mind wanting to figure out, understand, try or manage the process, name that too and let it just be. Instead of orienting to thinking, widen back out into the mostly fluid that you are. No need to seek or know. No meaning or priority. Rest back into the warm bath of your own being.

Receive… experience sensations unfolding. Let the fluid that you are flow you. Let the breath that you are breathe you. Let the miraculous, metabolic intelligence that made and is ever operating you be the foreground instead of the background. Sense your wholeness. Sense how your wholeness is an expression of a greater wholeness.

That perfect complete synergy of forces that you let change you when you look out toward or you are in nature, is you. You, too, are life life-ing. Attune to the health that you are and let it do more for you.