Most of you, especially Moms, are working on yourselves. You know what your stuff is and you do what you can to be more mindful, caring, and calm. Then there’s the stuff that just keeps happening, that you can’t figure out how to shift or that scares you and you don’t know what to do with it. The anxiety, the anger, the loneliness, the sadness, the constant background sense of not doing or being enough, or, of having to work too hard all the time to make things happen. It’s exhausting and debilitating.

That’s the stuff I’d like to help you with. That’s the stuff that when addressed both through a systemic lens (meaning from the big picture of your family system) AND through a somatic experience (meaning viscerally in your body) offers the biggest breakthroughs in your sense of self, your relationships, and experience of life.

My 10 years experience as a Family Constellation Facilitator has shown me that unconscious entanglement with inherited trauma is usually where the stuff we have no traction around is rooted. It was true for me and for my husband, which is why we chose to get certified in the work together and now share it with others.

Most people, as we were, are mired in repetitive family dynamics caused by past tragic events and unprocessed trauma being carried forward across generations. The new study of epigenetics explains that right along with the DNA that gives us our eye color and body type, we also inherit feelings. This emotional legacy plays out in our lives unconsciously. The Family Constellation process brings it into light and empowers you to intentionally differentiate from what is not yours and to come into the right place within your family system.

From a healthy relationship with your system, you have access to a new level of support, understanding and compassion. The somatic work I offer is called The Embodiment Process. It is a natural accompaniment to and deepens the differentiation started in the systemic work. In this profoundly relaxing and restorative work, you will be able to metabolize and complete old traumas and imprints held in your body. The result is greater resilience, self-trust, possibilities, and ease.

If you resonate with this brief description and want to experience a free introductory session, just email me to schedule at LeahKalishma @