This guided meditation is designed to help you learn how to move out of thinking and into body / somatic sensing, which opens the door to inner slowing as well as greater receiving of your innate health, regulation, and metabolism.

Most of us are chronically and unconsciously identified with our thoughts, fears, defenses, and discomfort.  We see through the lens of past negative experiences that are incomplete, live in our bodies, and become the imprint or track for our current reactions, behaviors, and emotions.  The same old emotions that continue to arise in you experience are seeking completion.  They want to, like a wave emerging from the sea, be allowed in, to break, to flow and thus complete back into the wholeness from which they come.

Now, as the adult container of your early and difficult experiences, you are the one responsible for how you meet what arises in yourself and what you do with it.  In order to stop meeting and managing your inner truth and feelings the way they were met and responded to by your parents, you need to have something else to orient to, to resource yourself with, and to let go into.  Somatic work gives you the tools to slow down, to identify with present sensation, and to access the experience of the metabolic fluid of your own body.  From this place, you can gently receive, breathe, and be with what arises.  You can cultivate the neutrality that melts struggling not to feel  into allowing sensations to slowly move through and complete.

The adult you knows that your old fears are no longer true. The adult in you can attune to and receive the greater health flowing through yourself as it does through everything.  As you attune to that, just be with what arises in you.  Stay neutral and out of thinking – judging, comparing, analyzing, evaluating or meaning.  Stay with the actual somatic sensations – softening, sinking, widening, heavy, light, buzzing, swirling, etc. –  and out of trying to fix.  Nothing is wrong.  All energy seeks completion.  Allow the unfolding and the stillness, the fluid and the space.  The more you practice being this adult, neutral container of life-force and health flowing (as it always is) and let what wants to happen inside unfold, the more you strengthen your identification with the wholeness and intelligence in you that can be with and metabolize/ transform any past emotional experience.